Zcash: Freedom of Expression & Financial Privacy

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Zcash: Freedom of Expression & Financial Privacy
Presenter(s) Paige Peterson
Title(s) Communication & User Education
Organization(s) Zerocoin Electric Coin Company
Project(s) Zcash
Social media
2017 theme Self Organized

Freedom of expression includes the ability to freely and privately send value to another person or business regardless of location or intent without fear of censorship or surveillance. Current financial privacy models are based on corporate, centralized systems which historically limit inclusion to the global market and are susceptible to compromise, identity revealing subpoenas and restrictions on use.

Activist organizations like Wikileaks and Free Barrett Brown have seen the repercussions of our current dependence on these centralized systems where donors have been actively blocked from sending money or have become susceptible to surveillance for their donations. While bitcoin was the first step in opening up the freedom to send money across borders, it has little to offer in terms of user privacy and therefore, users are still susceptible to forms of surveillance and identity profiling.

This discussion will focus on the philosophy and importance behind financial privacy for activist organizations and their supporters. We will also introduce Zcash and the ways people are using it now and what future possibilities exist to make financial privacy and freedom possible for people all around the world.

Format Conversation/Workshop
Target Groups Activists, developers, communicators
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

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