The State of Network Filtering Around the World

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The State of Network Filtering Around the World
Presenter(s) Brandon Wiley, Adelita Schule
Title(s) President, Lead Developer
Organization(s) The Operator Foundation
Project(s) Pluggable Transports, Postcard
Country(ies) USA
Social media @blanu
2017 theme Internet Freedom: Present and Future

Network filtering is a rapidly evolving technology encompassing many techniques such as IP blacklisting, DNS poisoning, and Deep Packet Inspection. The technologies and policies adopted by different countries around the world have a huge impact on Internet freedom. Our community collectively has a lot of knowledge on this topic. The developers of Internet freedom tools know where their tools are blocked, and the users know which tools do and do not work in their countries. However, there is not a good overall picture of the state of network filtering around the world. The purpose of this session is to crowdsource this knowledge from the community in order to synthesize it into an accessible document on the current state of network filtering. We will ask users and developers from around the world to share knowledge about the state of filtering in their countries.

We will seek to answer the following questions, for every country for which we can find a session participant with relevant knowledge: - What are the top 5 sites or networks that people want to access, but which are blocked? - What Internet freedom tools are blocked? - What protocols are known to be blocked? - What methods of obfuscation, such as Pluggable Transports, are effective or ineffective? - What means of filtering (IP blocking, DNS poisoning, etc.) are known to be used? - Is it known what filtering hardware is used?

The output of this session will be a lot of information, which the session organizer will use to create a document to be sent out to the session attendees for sharing with their communities. This is a session which will benefit all who attend through the sharing of information and also help both media and academics that want to report on and study the state of network filtering.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Developers and users of Internet freedom tools, users and trainers from countries with network filtering
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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