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  1. "Guardía Indígena y Protección Territorial
  2. (Re)defining policy advocacy in the age of digital spaces
  3. 21st Century Activists Need 21st Century Skill Sets
  4. 5 años tras Wikileaks: presente y futuro de las filtraciones en España.
  5. 5 años tras presente y futuro de las filtraciones en España.
  6. APC member meeting
  7. A Dark Tale of Internet: Turkey's shutdowns, government backed online harassment, blockings
  8. A Fireside Chat about Internet Measurement, facilitated by M-Lab
  9. A People’s Index of Internet Health
  10. A Robotics Explanation of Cross-cultural Communication
  11. A new challenge to Freedom of Expression: online sexual & gender-based violence against women journalists
  12. Accesibilidad y Usabilidad en sitios Web
  13. Accessibility Consultant
  14. Accessible database of best practice law - digital rights & information freedom
  15. Advanced topics in GPG key security: smartcards and Yubikeys
  16. Adversary resistant computing: Subgraph OS
  17. Africa - Where net neutrality goes to die!
  18. African women and the Internet: Re-defining 'African Sexuality' and freedom of expression in the African Internet
  19. Ally Skills Workshop
  20. Analyzing the Causes & Impacts of Internet Shutdowns
  21. Anonymous communication & Decentralized trust
  22. Answers to 'I have nothing to hide'
  23. Applying Internet Freedom values to creative thinking
  24. April 16 2020 GM
  25. April 23 2020 GM
  26. April 2 2020 GM
  27. April 30 2020 GM
  28. April 9 2020 GM
  29. Architectures of Internet Freedom movements in Southeast Asia
  30. Area Atractions
  31. Autocrypt: Email Encryption for Everyone
  32. Autonomous Wireless and GSM Networks
  33. Aviary: Distributed, Tamper-Proof, Per-User Warrant Canaries
  34. Avoiding the Traps of Covering Freedom Online in Iran
  35. Bathrooms
  36. Beyond the web of trust: how organizations can help build strongly-authenticated ties without privacy compromises
  37. Bitmask: encrypted email for mere mortals
  38. Bitmask encrypted email for mere mortals
  39. Bodies and algorithms: a global feminist approach to period trackers
  40. Bookkeeping for activist projects
  41. Bridging the Divide: talking to users, trainers, developers, and more!
  42. Bridging the localization gap: digital security tools for everyone
  43. Bringing it all together: Threat modeling, gender-based violence risk assessment and safety planning
  44. Browser Hyper-Extension
  45. Bug Reporting 101: How to make the tools we use better even if we can't code
  46. Build Usable Tools (2017)
  47. Building Community Resources for Censorship Measurement Research
  48. Building Security Culture Within Marginalized Communities
  49. Building a Digital Security Trainer Community in Latin America
  50. Building a shared framework for organizational security assessments
  51. Building an inclusive community: Code of Conduct principles and best practices
  52. Building better software
  53. Building collective power to counter violence and censorship against feminist and women groups on the Internet
  54. Building the Internet Policy Research Community: Bridging Divides and Fostering Collaboration for Impact
  55. Bursting the EU bubble: What you can do to save the link!
  56. COC Statements
  57. COC en Spanish
  58. Campaigning for privacy: sharing experiences, failures and victories
  59. Cancellation of the 2020 Internet Freedom Festival
  60. Care and Sustainability in Organizing
  61. Case study: Understanding internet censorship in Africa’s repressive environments through the deployment of OONI software probes and Citizen Lab mixed research methods.
  62. Cc volunteer
  63. Celebrating Gender Campaigns in the Global South
  64. Censorship Resistant Social Networking
  65. Censorship Resistant Social Networking with Quiver
  66. Censorship and online media in the CIS: lessons and best practices
  67. Challenging Corporate Secret, Using the Internet for Accountability
  68. Chatbots for journalists and news media
  69. Ciberfeminismo y autodefensa digital en tiempos de vigilancia, aprendizajes desde América Latina
  70. Clinics and Hospitals
  71. Coffee talks faces
  72. Collaborative Design of F.A.S.T. Internet Campaign
  73. Collaborative Sketching for Secure & Usable Apps
  74. Collaborative security: From Training to Empowerment
  75. Coming Back to Tech
  76. Coming shortly to your screens: Secure Group Messaging
  77. Communications campaigns and storytelling for freedom of speech and digital rights advocacy
  78. Community-led Organizational Security Assessment Process
  79. Community Culture
  80. Community ISPs: building alternative networks
  81. Community Networks, why and how?
  82. Community Updates 2018
  83. Community Updates 2019 Part 1
  84. Community Updates 2019 Part 2
  85. Comparing Security of Gay Dating Apps
  86. Conflicting signals. What direction Ukraine, Russia and Belarus will choose dealing with Internet Freedom?
  87. Construyendo comunidad para talleristas de seguridad digital en america latina - pasos concretos
  88. Consumer rights for Internet freedom! Mapping and checking the world's telcos and internet providers
  89. Content design - How to write words that people will read, understand and won't scare them
  90. Contextualizing censorship measurements in Venezuela
  91. Contrataciones abiertas en las instituciones: casos prácticos
  92. Conversations on Research Needs for Digital Rights Advocacy and Impact
  93. Creating Approaches to Rapid Response - Where are we now?
  94. Creating Apps for Political Expression
  95. Creating DigiSec Curricula for Trans* Communities
  96. Creating a Shared Knowledge Base of Arabic and Farsi Resources on Tech & Human Rights
  97. Creating a pedagogy of empowerment
  98. Creating an Oral History of Indymedia
  99. Creation of a Social Media Action Charter
  100. Creative multimedia producer consultant FRIDA
  101. Criptica Testing Session: Riot with e2e encryption
  102. Cuba: Update & Getting involved
  103. Cybercrime and Cybersecurity Legislation in South Africa
  104. DDoS self-defense - community resilience to a growing censorship threat
  105. DNS Meetup
  106. Data Exploration Hackathon: Visualizing the Relationship between Rule of Law and Digital Rights in MENA and Beyond
  107. Data Protection law and is different manifestations
  108. Datos como materia prima: herramienta para la publicación y reutilización de datos abiertos
  109. Dealing with Trauma and the Psycho Social Effects of Human Rights work
  110. Debate Abierto: sobre las dificultades para difundir contenidos educativos sobre salud sexual y derechos sexuales en Internet
  111. Defending the Onion
  112. Defensores del Voto: Estrategias digitales para la democracia y la participación electoral en Venezuela
  113. Deploy an emergency Libre-Mesh network with local services
  114. Designing Participatory Algorithmic Decision-Making Processes
  115. Developing Understanding via a Needfinding Approach
  116. Developing a Digital Advocacy Curriculum for the Global South
  117. Developing a censorship-resistant app store
  118. Developing and Sustaining Community/Network Sustained Resources
  119. Developing for Good UX
  120. DigSec Curricula Design: when your powers combine...
  121. Digestable Risk Assessment: creating a security booklet to encourage secure thoughts, not just security tools
  122. Digital Attacks Against Human Rights Defenders and Journalists in the Middle East and North Africa Region
  123. Digital Media Expert Required for an R&D Arts Project
  124. Digital Security & Investigative Journalism
  125. Digital Security Workshop for Journalists (Spanish)
  126. Digital Security for Journalists: Needs in the Field
  127. Digital Security for women human rights defenders (WHRD) as part of holistic and feminist practice in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)
  128. Digital Tools for Journalist Security
  129. Digital independence in the age of the Big Five (How to cook up independent, secure servers for small groups and organizations)
  130. Digital security guides for the Latin American society
  131. Disruptive Media Activism for the IF Community
  132. Documentation Workflows for Digital Security Education and Rapid Response
  133. Don't Make Killer Apps: Responsible Development Beyond Code
  134. Ebola: A Big Humanitarian Data Disaster
  135. Economic Cultural and Social rights & the internet: the battle in the struggle for human rights
  136. Effective Messaging: Basic Concepts of Data Visualization
  137. El poder del enjambre digital para superar episodios de censura
  138. Emergency Numbers
  139. Enabling free speech online by legal defence: the need for skilled lawyers to secure the free flow of information online
  140. Encrypting A/V: How you can secure your equipment and encrypt your footage
  141. Entre la espada y la balanza: el incumplimiento de estándares internacionales sobre el derecho a la privacidad en América Latina
  142. Essentials of building internet tools for inclusion
  143. Ever wanted to chat with the NSA?
  144. Everything you ever wanted to know about tooling!
  145. Everything you ever wanted to know about what international human rights law is and how it can help fight surveillance, but were afraid to ask
  146. Evolving Terminology with Evolved Technology
  147. Exhibits & Night Events
  148. Explaining technical concepts in non-technical ways
  149. Explorations in Organizational Security
  150. Exploring models of governance and ownership in hackerspaces
  151. Exploring secure and anonymous video capture and distribution
  152. Expo Area
  153. Expressing yourself online: legal threats, and ways to defend against them
  154. F-Droid Discussion: your very own private, free, secure, and flexible Android app store
  155. F-Droid Hands-On: your very own private, free, secure, and flexible Android app store
  156. FOSS or FOSSIL: How can we ensure the sustainability of open source products?
  157. FTX (Feminist Tech Exchange): Safety Reboot
  158. Facebook Privacy and Security How-Tos
  159. Facebook Tunnel: a tale of restricted Internet access
  160. Facilitator Fall 2020
  161. Feedback on secure tools: Giving it and getting it more easily, with graphics
  162. Fighting the Chilling Effects of Surveillance in Protests: Strategies and Tactics for uncovering IMSI catchers, and how to stop them.
  163. Filterwatch: Internet Freedom in Iran
  164. Floor Plan
  165. Food Near Venue
  166. Forget (almost) everything you know: reassessing privilege and politics in digital advocacy
  167. Fostering a New Digital Security Pedagogy for More Inclusive Trainings
  168. Free Media in Unfree Societies
  169. Freedom of expression in Venezuela: Challenges of the new National Assembly
  170. Freenet Meeting
  171. From Ad Hoc to Prepared - Developing an Anti Online Harassment Infrastructure
  172. Funders Help Desk
  173. Fundraising Opportunities
  174. GM April 2 2020
  175. GNU Taler
  176. Gender Pronoun
  177. Gender deanonymization through machine learning - risks and implications.
  178. Gender gap in on-line projects, the problem in Wikimedia
  179. Getting gender inclusive from the ground to the cloud
  180. Glitter Meetup Notes Before March 26, 2020
  181. Glitter Meetup Schedule
  182. Globaleaks User forum
  183. Glocalization for Noobs: How to Design Tools for a Global Audience
  184. Grant writers' "happy" hour/coping group
  185. Grants Manager
  186. Grassroots gender activism in underprivileged areas: building education and awareness and fostering actions
  187. Grassroots surveillance and censorship resistance at your local library: the Library Freedom Project
  188. Greenhost helpdesk
  189. Growing Up and Aware: What We Can Learn about Digital Safety from Youth in Jordan/Lebanon/Palestine
  190. Guardía Indígena y Protección Territorial
  191. Hacking User Centred Design for Social Change
  192. Hacking User Centred Design for Social Change Efforts
  193. Hakuna Metadata
  194. Hardly a Laughing Matter: Could Sexist Humor Amount to Dangerous Speech?
  195. Health Measures for COVID-19
  196. Herramientas para seguridad y protección
  197. Holding Companies to Account: Advocating for Corporate Respect for Human Rights
  198. Holistic Security: Practical Experiences and Reflections
  199. Holistic Security: subversive well-being for trainers
  200. Hotels
  201. How YNEXT strives to preventing an Internet blackout in times of war
  202. How activists, western media, and USBs and SD cards are revolutionizing North Korean society.
  203. How design choices reflect Internet policy strategies?
  204. How do we measure the health of the Internet?
  205. How governments in Southeast Asia (unsuccessfully) restrict free speech on social media
  206. How the Internet Sees You: A Collaborative Workship for Trainers and Digital Literacy Educators
  207. How the Internet Sees You: A Collaborative Workshop for Trainers and Digital Literacy Educators
  208. How to Fight an Internet Shutdown
  209. How to Juggle
  210. How to organize a privacy advocacy event: Real cases histories, do's and don't
  211. How to run participatory trainings
  212. How to run participatory trainings and events
  213. How to work with a graphic designer: a guide for activists and civil society organizations
  214. How we are tracking politicians trying to hide information from online
  215. How we can end online harassment together
  216. Human Rights Technology for Challenging Environments
  217. Human behavior: the irrational component in internet security
  218. Humane Interfaces: What OpenPGP Gets Wrong & How To Fix It
  219. IFF Schedule
  220. IFF Schedule:Sessions:IBeyond the web of trust: how organizations can help build strongly-authenticated ties without privacy compromises
  221. IFF Schedule:Tracks:Community:session7
  222. IWMF & CPJ Roundtable on the Digital Harassment of Female Journalists
  223. Imagine, Create, Be. Gender and Technologies Workshop.
  224. Improving Circumvention Tool Usability Through Outreach
  225. Improving New User Experience
  226. Improving metholodogy: verifying leaks from anonymous online whistleblowing platforms
  227. Industry Standards Collaborative Conversation
  228. Insecurity demos, or how I learned to stop worrying and start loving digital security trainings
  229. Internet Censorship Roundtable
  230. Internet Censorship in Venezuelan Elections: Key Findings and what's next
  231. Internet Freedom in Africa: Navigating the challenges
  232. Internet Governance networking efforts: a gathering of groups starting from the deep country of Brazil
  233. Internet Protocols Demystified
  234. Internet rights versus policy making in Pakistan
  235. Intersectional DNS Working Group
  236. Introducing the Emergency Response Team at the Committee to Protect Journalists
  237. Investigating and defending against Malware Operations
  238. Investigating human rights violations arising from electronic surveillance
  239. Investigating internet controls with OONI
  240. Iranian Cyber Army
  241. Is mass adoption of secure email possible?
  242. It’s not just Activism: Art and Humour in Creative Strategies for Hard Times: (a Hands-On Workshop)
  243. Jnmazon
  244. Job Board
  245. Journalism and the Right to be Forgotten
  246. Journalism security: meeting the users where they live
  247. Journalists' Perceptions of Digital Security Technologies
  248. Karma Wall
  249. Kill the Messenger: Block, Erase, and Delete in the name of Freedom?
  250. LGBTQI+

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