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|Presenter(s)=Adam Senft, Jessica Wever, Sina F, Igor Valentovitch
|Presenter(s)=Adam Senft, Jessica Wever, Sina F
|Organization(s)=Citizen Lab, Psiphon, ASL19
|Organization(s)=Citizen Lab, Psiphon, ASL19

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Researching and resisting information controls from a distance: challenges and opportunities
Presenter(s) Adam Senft, Jessica Wever, Sina F
Organization(s) Citizen Lab, Psiphon, ASL19
Country(ies) Canada
Social media @citizenlab, @PsiphonInc, @aslnoozdah
2017 theme Internet Freedom Present and Future

Our organizations (Citizen Lab, ASL19, Psiphon) approach the problem of Internet censorship from different perspectives - academic research, advocacy and tool development. The organic synergy among our projects, however, has allowed us to share data, knowledge, research approaches and tools in the process of studying information controls in various censorship hotspots around the world. We would like to share with you our recent findings, failures and success stories.

This panel aims to generate a conversation on the progression of information controls in the Internet domain and identify approaches for studying and counteracting online censorship. To get the conversation started, we will give brief overview of recurring as well as new trends in the development of information controls in Thailand, Ethiopia, Russia and Iran, followed by examples of successful collaboration among our organizations to tackle online censorship and assist millions of people to get access to censored information online. We would like to invite participants from a variety of fields to join us, and hope that you will pick up familiar themes and expand the conversation with insights from other countries, regions and collaborative projects.

Format Conversation
Target Groups academia, human rights orgs, NGOs, journalists, activists, communications professionals
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice - Introductory, no previous knowledge required
Language English

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