Regional solutions to local issues

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Regional solutions to local issues
Presenter(s) Javier Pallero, Carlos Brito, Amalia Toledo, Leandro Uciferri, Vladimir Garay, Maricarmen Sequera, Lia Hernandez, Carlos Guerrero
Title(s) Cool people
Organization(s) Access Now, R3D, Fundacion Karisma, IPANDETEC, ADC, Derechos Digitales, TEDIC, Hiperderecho
Country(ies) Peru
Social media
2017 theme Policy & Advocacy

In recent years, many countries of Latin America have developed policies affecting our security and privacy in Internet. Massive surveillance, disproportionate collection of personal data and censorship on media are some of the problems that affect our region. To fight back, we have promoted a series of local strategies but without a regional scope even when we have the same problems. Because it is better to work as a team, we want to share our experiences in the local level in order to find regional solutions that other orgnisations can use. We don't want to show the 'what', we want to share the 'how'.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Civil Society Organizations
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Advanced
Language English and Spanish

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