Panic button apps & the thin line between online & offline security for journalists and HR defenders

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Panic button apps & the thin line between online & offline security for journalists and HR defenders
Presenter(s) Diego Mendiburu
Title(s) Founder
Organization(s) Factual
Project(s) Hancel
Country(ies) México
Social media @echameuntuit
2017 theme

As journalists and human rights defenders face new threats, especially in developing countries, international freedom of speech and human rights organizations have developed smartphone apps that try to offer an integral security solution for individuals that might be at risk or have already suffered threats or attacks. Some examples of these apps are Panic Button (by Amnesty International), Reporta (by The International Women's Media Foundation) and “Botón de Alarma” (by Inter American Press Association). But the use of technology to combat physical attacks opens the doors to new online threats, requiring extra security protocols and trainings. What happened with some of the most publicized panic button apps developed by local and international NGOs? What lessons have been learned about the risks of using mobile apps and smartphones to protect journalists and human rights defenders? What are the biggest challenges these projects have faced? We are inviting representatives from organizations such as Amnesty International, the Inter American Press Association, The Foundation for Press Freedom in Colombia, and Article 19 in Mexico (subject to availability) to share their best practices and lessons learned on their panic button apps projects. We hope this panel will not only raise an opportunity to learn about the success or challenges this projects have faced, but hopefully to start a working group that can make all this different organizations help each other to reach a common goal.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Journalists, Human Rights Defenders
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English, Español

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