May 19, Asia Meetup

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Asia Meetups

Date: Wednesday, May 19th

Time: Delhi 13:30 (UTC+5:30) / Taipei-Kuala Lumpur 16:00 (UTC+8) / Tokyo 17:00 (UTC+9) / NYC 4am (EST)

Who: Facilitated by Don, Lulu, Kaia, Nica

Where: The Meetjitsi link will be shared in the following rooms on the IFF Mattermost one or two hours before the start of the meeting: Southeast Asia, Central Asia and East Asia.

Agenda: TBA


Topic: Sharing experiences on archiving social media posts and other online content

Sharing from 0archive and IORG

  • Why archive? Use cases...
    • Archive one’s own group/page
    • Archive specific events/narratives
  • Working with 0archive
  • Working with IORG

2019 we started to do the archive. During that time, it is because the election in Taiwan and we want to track the disinformation. Such as many content firms specificly produced election realted articles to make influences on Taiwan's election.

The project we built actually is not really open source project yet, but the data and methodology is public.

One of the big source we archive is weibo.

How to do the Facebook archive?

  • send xxxx to the page to get respond and it can archive latest 19 posts.
  • use the recommendation of similar page in FB to gather the related fan page and posts.
  • Build data schema
  • CrowdTangle: Facebook API
  • Short coming: deleted posts on Facebook are not longer on CrowdTangle
  • Also no private groups / personal accounts

Sharing from the Company M

  • Focus: non-English langauge hate speech detection
  • Make the disinformation/hate speech searchable (potential feature)
  • Private groups
  • Tech / ethical limitation
  • Although we said it is the "private" channel, but, honestly, how many people in a private group making it public?
  • E.g. 5 KKK members in private house - expectation of privacy
  • What about 50 members? 500 members?
  • Might need different policies for different groups


Q:How to take the archive page off the Internet Archive? A:It seems you need file a DMCA request to them.