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>>> Glitter Meetups are still happening on Thursdays at 10am EST on the IFF Mattermost!!!


View the complete IFF schedule here:

Volunteers Needed on Sunday, March 31

Come to Las Naves on Sunday, March 31 at 1:00pm and help us setup! If you are volunteering throughout the week, we will also provide you with training on this day. This is also a good way to meet up with new and old friends!

Early Bird Registration: Sunday, March 31

Avoid the large registration line on Monday! Join us on Sunday from 2:00pm to 5:00pm to register early. Remember, you will need to be logged in to your profile on the IFF platform to show us your ticket. (

The Information Desk

Have questions about how to get the best out of the event? Want to be connected with someone that focuses on X topic? Need help figuring how to find a pharmacy or restaurant for a meeting? The Welcome Desk is here to help and ensure you maximize your experience at the IFF. Find it in the theater lobby!

IFF Live Radio

Join us for IFF"s live radio program! We will be creating 15 minutes capsules of live podcasting, intermixed with free music inspired by Internet Freedom. Featured will be old school IFF attendees who will share the vibe and purpose of the festival, and new comers who will share their current projects and thoughts. In addition, on Thursday evening, we will be creating a special edition highlighting music that shares a special relationship to the Internet. This includes a selection of Latin-Afro beats including Dancehall, salsa, reggaeton, champeta, soka, calipso, raggamuffin and more. Bring all your glitter style and carnaval spirit let's see those vibrant colors and flower clothing.

  • Monday: 14:00h - 16:00h CET
  • Tuesday: 16:00h - 18:00h CET
  • Wednesday 10.30h a 12.30h CET
  • Thursday: 18:00h - 20:00h CET
  • Friday: 12:00h - 14:00h CET

Online, you can find us on:] It will hosted by Nathaly Espitia from Las Naves patio!!

The Program & Sessions

The IFF schedule can be found * here.

  • Remember to take notes and post on the unique Etherpad created for each session (the etherpad link is on the session's description page)
  • Remind presenters that before each session begins, they must pick people for the following roles. Note-taker, Timekeeper, and Gatekeeper. For the responsibilities of each role, please visit the Volunteer Corner

Featured Events

Opening Ceremony
Kick-off the IFF with glitter, energy and love! Find out what awaits you during the fantastic week ahead. Hear from the IFF team, various community voices, and meet the amazing IFF facilitators. In addition, this year is our 5th anniversary, so we have surprises planned!
IFF Orientation & Networking
This session is especially great for those that are new to IFF or are hoping to make new connections. 
IFF Birthday Party
Its IFF's 5th anniversary! Bring your best outfit and dancing shoes, and help us celebrate the various years of friendship, glitter, and love shared!  Come enjoy cake, candy piñatas and a professional DJ spinning 80s and 90s sounds :)  Also, since IFF birthday is really the community's birthday, help us celebrate by bringing cookies or candy from your country!! Whichever way you want to celebrate, make sure to bring the love, light and fun!!  This is a pure happiness zone!! 
Evening Socials
* Yalla! Yalla! Night of Sound (Monday Evening)
Sarah will spin sounds of funk, dance while exploring the borders of Arabic and reggaeton music.
IFF Liberation Training Series 
IFF host, Sharmin Hossain will be leading a three part liberation series covering Power, Oppression and Intersectionality, Healing the Self and Practices for Community Care, and Theories of Change and Transformation. Sharmin currently works facilitating transformation across social justice organizations, and has a wealth of experience in this area. A series not to be missed! 
* #1: Power, Oppression and Intersectionality
* #2: Healing the Self and Practices for Community Care
* #3: Theories of Change and Transformation
The IFF Expo
The IFF Expo will be happening all day, every day, where 6 to 8 projects will host an exhibit table. This is a great time to get one-to-one time with these projects, and network! In addition, several Internet Freedom donors will be present, including Ford, Open Tech Fund and Hivos, so great time to ask questions! To view what projects will be showcasing at what time,visit here. 
Mentor Table
Want to talk to an IF old schooler to get some advice about your project, find an expert, get a lay of the land? Drop by the Mentor Table at the IFF expo area, happening every hour, every day! 
Medicine for Venezuela
Medicine for Venezuela will have various slots during the IFF Expo. If you bring a medicine, they will provide you the latest album of EuroVenezuelan punk band ZomobiesNO or a Humano Derecho T-shirt. All types of medicine is needed, antibiotics, heart medication, aspirins. When going to the pharmacy in spain, just alert them of what you are doing, and they can also provide you with recommendations of things you can get. 
The Toolschowcase
The Tool Showcase will be happening on Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00, and feature a selection of privacy and security tools. This is a great time to talk directly to tool creators, and ask all the questions you always wanted to ask! It will take place in the Patio Naranjos.
Psycho-Social Sessions
Every year, Civil Rights Defenders supports the IFF by bringing train psychologists that are able to share knowledge and support that is greatly needed in our space! Make sure to check out these sessions!!
* Stress Management & Informal Talks, Monday @ 4:00pm
* Men Steup II: From Allies to Accomplices Tuesday @ 12:15pm
* Psychosocial support for human rights defenders Wednesday @ 12:15pm
Regional & Topical Meetups
IFF has various  meetups to help people get to know other. Meetups are informal gatherings, and take place in Patio Naranjos! We currently have the following: 
* Eastern Europe & Caucasus Meetup 
* Sub-Saharan Africa Meetup
* Latin America Meetup
* MENA Meetup
* Former Soviet Union Region OrgSec & Digisec Folks
* Researchers Meetup

What We Expect from Participants

The safety, privacy and security of our participants is at the heart of IFF. Please make sure to review the following:

Virtually Connecting

While we encourage folks to get as much in-person time as possible, the IFF does have an Mattermost instance, which is a more awesome, secure and open source version of Slack. Besides hosting various topical rooms, every Thursday throughout the year we host IFF Glitter Meetup, which allow you to connect with people on a weekly basis. If you would like an invite, please email

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