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The IFF Mattermost is a virtual space where community members gather on a daily basis to connect with other digital rights defenders, share updates, and seek advice and support. For those of you not familiar with Mattermost, it is an open source software that functions like Slack. Besides the various channels focusing on various topics, we also host various events throughout the week, which you can find at the bottom of this page.

Apply to Join

We try to cultivate safe and secure spaces for our community members, thus we need to know a bit about you in order to approve your request to join the IFF Mattermost. Write an email to team[at]internetfreeomdestival[dot]org asking for an invite, and answer the following questions:

  • Name/Alias:
  • Social Media (any that you’d like to share), such as Twitter, Instagram, Website, Other
  • Project/Organization/Affiliation:
  • Why you want to join:
  • How did you find out about the IFF Square?
  • The email you would like to use for the Mattermost invite:
  • There are eight parts to the IFF’s Code of Conduct. What is the second and sixth part of the Code of Conduct?

Please note, to ensure an inclusive, safe and collaborative environment, all community members must abide by the IFF's Code of Conduct Please take a moment to read through it before proceeding. In addition, while we do our best to vet who is on Mattermost, you should treat IFF Square like a public forum. That means take any precautions necessary that you would in any public space, and share only what you feel comfortable sharing.

Privacy and Security:

Daily, Weekly & Monthly Gatherings

Glitter Meetup

Every Thursday at 1:00pm UTC, we host our Glitter Meetups, which serve as a weekly town hall where members share regional and project updates. Every so often we invite featured guests for a Q&A. You can view past Glitter Meetup notes to see the variety of topics we cover. This takes place on the IFF Square.

Daily Check Ins

Everyday at 2:00pm UTC, we host a Daily Check ins, that serves as a virtual coffee hour or tea break for the IFF community. During this hour, we sometimes will host fun collaborative exercises like collaborative painting sessions. This is run on the Daily Checkin channel.

Regional Meetups

We are now starting to organize regional meetups. Stay tuned for more information

Diverse Topic Rooms

Besides the regularly planned gatherings, our Mattermost also has various topic rooms, meant for more asynchronous knowledge share. Popular rooms include COVID-19, Food Recipes & Ingredients, Localization En, (run by the Localization Lab), and many others. To join a room and view the complete list, once you are logged in to the Mattermost click on "More" under "Public Channels" (The column on the left). Community members are also able to create their own private rooms.