How to work with a graphic designer: a guide for activists and civil society organizations

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How to work with a graphic designer: a guide for activists and civil society organizations
Presenter(s) Constanza Figueroa, Vladimir Garay
Title(s) Derechos Digitales Advocacy Team
Organization(s) Derechos Digitales
Project(s) [1] [2]
Country(ies) Chile
Social media [3]
2017 theme Communications & Design

Internet activists and civil society organizations are forced to work in a world where everybody is trying to be as loud as possible to get your attention: you have to compete with the latest viral video, memes, cat photos, multi-million dollar ads and every other organization trying to get their message to public. We would love to think that our message will reach the people by the weight of our ideas. And of course, that's fundamental, but is not always enough.

You want to make your message as appealing as you can; you want to translate your ideas into beautiful infographics for better understanding; you want your campaigns to be jaw-dropping; you want your papers to be judge by their content, but also by their covers. And to do that, you need a designer, someone who can help you create a visual identity for your organization.

But working with others is not always easy; at worst, it could be really frustrating. But if you let others in, the results could be amazing. Of course, this is a process and build a work relationship takes time. We want to help you with that.

How to translate an idea into a brief? How to request a change? How to say no without hurting someone's feelings? And how to do all this in the most efficient and fast way possible?

Format Workshop
Target Groups civil society, activists
Length 1
Skill Level Novice, Introductory
Language English/ Spanish

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