Hakuna Metadata

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Hakuna Metadata
Presenter(s) Sid Rao
Title(s) Ford-Mozilla Open Web Fellow
Organization(s) European Digital Rights (EDRi)
Country(ies) Belgium/Finland/India
Social media @sidnext2none
2017 theme Tools & Technology

The power of metadata is underestimated by many of the lawyers, policy makers and technologists. However, the government intelligence organizations never make that mistake. One of them said "metadata absolutely tells you everything about somebody’s life. If you have enough metadata, you don’t really need content". While this statement probably may not convince most of us about what can 'just metadata' do, it indeed sought another gentleman's attention, who then attested the above statement by saying “it is absolutely correct! We kill people based on metadata.”.

In a quest to know how one can use metadata to kill people and thereby explore the hidden treasure of private information beneath it, we call our ongoing project as "Hakuna Metadata". This project has been launched to create awareness about privacy issues concerning metadata to influence the e-privacy directive - which is reforming of EU data protection rules.

The project Hakuna Metadata explores metadata to analyze personal behavioral traits of an individual's digital persona and aims to educate on open source tools that anyone can use to learn what their metadata reveals about themselves.

The talks revolve around the use cases and the simple philosophy behind the project. Additionally, it tries to explain how a privacy researcher looks at the data in comparison with a data scientist. It is aimed to include several interactive examples, a glimpse of the research underneath and case studies.

Format Training
Target Groups
Length 1
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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