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|Presenter(s)=Andrew Lowenthal, Nathan Freitas
|Presenter(s)=Andrew Lowenthal, Nathan Freitas, Natalie Cadranel
|Organization(s)=Engage Media, Guardian Project
|Organization(s)=EngageMedia, Guardian Project, Open Archive
|Country(ies)=Australia, United States
|Country(ies)=Australia, United States

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Exploring secure and anonymous video capture and distribution
Presenter(s) Andrew Lowenthal, Nathan Freitas, Natalie Cadranel
Organization(s) EngageMedia, Guardian Project, Open Archive
Country(ies) Australia, United States
Social media
2017 theme Journalism & Media

Online video distribution has become a highly monopolised and a mostly non 'free' game over the past decade. Video distribution business models are similar to those of much of the web - focused on data mining users. This creates systems that are insecure for those working in sensitive environments, and brings general users into a web that doesn't respect their privacy.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Journalists, Software Developers, Usability, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Communications Professionals, Academia, Front Line Activists
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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