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|Contributors=Chinmayi S K , Rohini Lakshané
|Contributors=Chinmayi S K , Rohini Lakshané
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Essentials of building internet tools for inclusion
Presenter(s) Chinmayi S K , Rohini Lakshané
Title(s) Essentials of building internet tools for inclusion
Organization(s) Random Hacks of Kindness, The Bachchao Project, Center for Internet and Society
Country(ies) India
Social media
2017 theme Tools & Technology

The presenters of this sessions are technologists who have the experience of building tools for women and other genders. They come with the experience of building and deploying technology with various demographics, organisations and governments. The session will take attendees through various aspects of building technology and various factors to consider in each stage be it use case design, architecture , development, offsite testing to deployment. We will discuss the various drawbacks and how to overcome them while building internet tools for the marginalised communities with low network access. We will also introduce various guidelines for the same and share an open source guideline from the session topics.

Format Training
Target Groups Organisations building tools, Developers , Funding Organisations
Length 1 hr
Skill Level Novice
Language English

Session Outputs

A manual about aspects of building tools for inclusion which will be released on github / wikimediacommons.

Next Steps

Additional Notes

Relevant Resources


Chinmayi S K , Rohini Lakshané