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|Length=1 hours
|Length=1 hours
|Skill Level=Novice
|Skill Level=Novice
|Language=English, Spanish
|Language=English, Español

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Digital Security for Journalists: Needs in the Field
Presenter(s) Javier Garza and Sergio Araiza
Title(s) Journalists / Trainer
Organization(s) World Associaton of Newspapers / Social Tic
Country(ies) México
Social media @jagarzaramos / @mexflow
2017 theme Journalism & Media

The session will bring together journalists and developers to look at digital security from the field and bridge the apparent separation between these activities. Journalists and developers live in different planets in the way they view technology and security, and speak different languages. Bringing both together can help journalists learn what can and can't be done in digital security and help developers make more useful and user-friendly tools.

This session is a "trip to the real world" - how do journalists experience digital security on the ground? What are their needs, what tools woull they like to have? What are the difficulties they face when they apply a DigiSec plan? It's important that developers hear this and learn from these experiences. It is equally important for developers to warn journalists about what can or can't be done in terms of tools or programs and of the consequences of flawed DigiSec plans.

{{Session Details |Format=Conversation |Target Groups=Journalists, developers |Length=1 hours |Skill Level=Novice |Language=English, Español

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