December 1, 2020 Meet Me at El Sala

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Meet Me at El Sala December 1 Gathering

Topic is Mozilla Health Report with featured guest Laura Vidal

Date: Tuesday, December 1

Time: 4 pm CET (UTC-5)

Who: Facilitated by Rima and Wafaa

Where: This will take place on the Regional:MENA Channel on the IFF Mattermost* Don't have an account to the IFF Mattermost? [[IFF_Mattermo


We will be hosting Laura Vidal as our first guest in "Meet Me at El Sala" it's a 1-hour 'Ask Me Any Thing' to chat with Laura about the Mozilla Internet Health Report, the feature, the stories Mozilla collected from different parts of the world and what we're hoping for and why it's important to have more voices from the Middle East and North Africa.

Laura Vidal is a Venezuelan researcher based in France. She's worked with tech for a while, and her academic research follows learning in virtual spaces, especially intercultural learning. In the past Laura worked with Global Voices/Advox as the editor and community manager of Latin America. She collaborates regularly as an editor/translator with IFEX and right now she is with Mozilla in the process of making this Internet Health Report a reality.


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