Data Protection law and is different manifestations

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Data Protection law and is different manifestations
Presenter(s) Shmyla Khan, Nani Jansen, Jillian York
Title(s) DRF, Access Now, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Social media
2017 theme

As the internet becomes increasingly criminalised and regulated, the need for data protection laws and systems for privacy protection becomes more important than ever. This is particularly glaring in countries where there is a trend towards regulation of online speech and cyber surveillance. There are different models of data protection laws in both international and national jurisprudences, and as different countries prepare to make data protection laws of their own, it would be extremely instructive to get different experts across jurisdictions on the same panel to discuss the distinctive approaches and the merits and demerits of each model. There are several conceptions of privacy and data protection around the world--captured in differences in histories, cultures and experiences. From a legal point of view, these models for data protection laws are also a reflection of the constitutional constraints and legal regimes in the countries where they operate. This panel will not only explore the the different models of legislation and regulations around data protection, but also the varied ways in which privacy and data security themselves is conceived.

These differences between different conceptions of privacy and the ways in which it manifests itself is worth exploring at the global level and through comparative debate. Our panelists will be a vast array of people from different jurisdictions and regions of the world, including Europe, South Asia, Africa, the Americas and East Asia.

Format Panel
Target Groups Lawyers, Advocates, Companies, Government Officials, Activists
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

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