Collaborative Sketching for Secure & Usable Apps

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Collaborative Sketching for Secure & Usable Apps
Presenter(s) Robert Stribley
Title(s) Associate Experience Director
Organization(s) Razorfish
Country(ies) United States
Social media @stribs
2017 theme Communications & Design

This session will show you how to sketch collaboratively with small teams of people with different roles to ensure you're designing more secure and usable apps. You'll learn the 4-step process behind collaborative sketching and how to benefit quickly and efficiently from your team members input—benefitting from their varying roles—to create apps with more thoughtful and robust feature sets. You'll leave with an understanding of how this exercise ensures you're not thinking in a silo and brings better ideas straight into your initial designs. You don't have to be a designer to participate. In fact, this exercise demonstrates how projects can benefit from collaborative input from contributors in different roles, who may not even typically think of themselves as designers.

Format Workshop
Target Groups designers, software developers, project managers, UXers, anyone who's interested
Length 3
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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