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. Next gathering: January 2020
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Coffee & Circumvention (C&C) is a monthly, community-run and owned meetup that happens simultaneously in various cities throughout the world - on the third Thursday of every month. It brings together technologists, artists, journalists, citizens and others interested in digital rights, online privacy and security, and open technology.

C&C is a great place to meet unique individuals that are interested in imagining the future of the Internet, and take part in important conversations that influence its direction.
'The monthly gatherings are designed to increase the webs of trust between and among communities throughout the world working on digital rights and Internet Freedom; bring in missing and often underrepresented voices; and increasing attention to local issues. In addition, by building a supportive global network, CC allows communities to cross-pollinate ideas, knowledge, and support across borders.

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Our ethos is based on the idea that building bridges and strengthening solidarity across various movements, disciplines, and countries, is essential to mobilize around the privacy, security, and digital rights issues of the current era. If you would like volunteer in your city, please reach out to