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Culture & Fun

Valencia is a great place for those that want to relax in the Mediterranean sun pre or post the festival! The week following the festival, Las Fallas begins, a traditional celebration where the city is wreathed in flames. Tourism Board brochures will be provided at the festival registration desk.

In the city itself, Playa Malvarossa and Las Arenas are excellent and easily accessible beaches. The Old Quarter of the city is home to the city's most famous and eclectic bars such as Café Infanta, Café Madrid de Valencia, Tasca Angel, and Café Negrito.

Don't miss the spectacular sci-fi movie-esque Ciutat de les Arts y les Ciències ([City of Arts and Sciences] Guaranteed to make you feel like you're at Starfleet Academy or that Lando Calrissian will walk around a corner any minute. It's especially amazing at night. A 15 minute walk from Las Naves, no hay excusas, hombre!


You may hear and notice a strange 'version' of Spanish around Valencia. It's Valencian, a close cousin of Catalan (think Barcelona) and is the official language of the region along with Spanish. Spanish (Castilian) is used everywhere in addition to Valencian. In hotels, some restaurants and in Las Naves you will have no trouble using English. In other places having even some Spanish will help. If you need interpretation support, contact the IFF staff at or +34 646-569-028