Women's role as key partners in building the future of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)

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Session Description

The world is going in a new area where technology is fast growing and essential for the development of a nation. Unfortunately, women are still under represented. In developing countries, the number is very low. They always think that it is a male's field. Those who are interested prefer to be consumers than creators. In security point of view, they remain the most exposed online. This presentation aims to inform participants about the importance of involving more women in technology and internet. For the implementation of projects that fight censorship and increase privacy and security online, both parts (women and men) are important and needed because each part will base on its own realities. The presentation is open to everyone. The participants will be more aware of the need of gender inclusiveness in technology and internet

Women's role as key partners in building the future of FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software)
Presenter/s Marlise MONTCHO
Bio/s Inspirational leader with a deep passion for technology and social change, Marlise Montcho holds a bachelor in Policy Analysis and Development and an engineering degree in Networks and Telecommunications. Her passion for technology led her to found FemTICDev for which she is the president. FemTICDev is an organization that motivates and trains young girls to become tech females innovators in Benin and the sub-region. She is the Next Einstein Forum Ambassador. She is recognized by Moremi Initiative as one of the young African women leaders in 2014 and by the US government as YALI Fellow in 2015. She has a certification in business and entrepreneurship from the prestigious university of Texas, Austin and participated in a live broadcast organized by GIST Tech Connect from the US State Department in August 2015. She was recently named as one of 15 Africa's women tech lead. She is undertaking a master of research in order to undertake later a PhD in ICT for development. She is one of the rare women blogger in her country. Her blog's goal is to bringing people to having a new look about people with disabilities ( www.handinewlook.net)
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