What Does Internet Freedom Mean for LGBTQI Movements: A Conversation Between Activists and Funders

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What Does Internet Freedom Mean for LGBTQI Movements: A Conversation Between Activists and Funders
Presenter(s) Bob Alotta, Luisa Ortiz, Amalia Deloney, Ana Lucía Ramírez, Thenmozhi Soundararajan
Organization(s) Astraea Foundation, Nova México, Media Democracy Fund, Mujeres al Borde
Country(ies) U.S., Colombia
Social media
2017 theme Community

This panel will engage activists and funders in conversation around the question, What does internet freedom mean for LGBTQI movements and communities in our current political climate? LGBTQI activists around the world are facing rising conservatism and right-wing supremacy, closing space for civil society, and growing and well-organized anti-rights mobilizations. The panel will open with an Astraea grantee and LGBTQI rights activist setting the stage to describe the violence and backlash LGBTQI folks are facing in the midst of increasingly strong and pervasive conservative and nationalist powers. They will describe the digital and physical threats and violence facing activists in conjunction with the unique digital security and technology needs that LGBTQI advocacy presents. They will discuss the ways in which LGBTQI activists are “holding the line” to defend human rights gains while also working to further advance their rights in extremely repressive contexts.

The facilitator, a social change advocate and digital communications trainer, will then guide the dialogue through such questions as: What is the role of human rights and technology funders in this context? What are internet freedom and technology funders and human rights funders investing in, and is it accessible for LGBTQI communities? What is not being funded and why? What support is needed, from an activist perspective? How can we hack the current funding architecture to encourage more responsiveness to the needs of frontline activists? The conversation will also be opened up to activists, technologists and funders in the audience.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Activists, Funders...
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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