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The Internet Freedom Festival is created by the community for the community. It literally could not exist without the help of volunteers. If you would like to volunteer, please reach out the Volunteer Coordinator Victoria Sanches at victoriasanchisfernandez@gmail.com

Volunteer Schedule

To check the times of your shift, or to sign up for one visit the Volunteer Schedule.

Volunteer Manual

Please read the Volunteer Manual before you arrive in Valencia. It has pertinent information that you should know as someone participants will be asking for answers.

To All Participants: Session Volunteers

This year at each session we will have three volunteer positions that must be decided upon before a session begins - copies of these, the Session Roles Cards, will be available in each room:

  • Note-taker: Your job is to record agenda items, areas of agreement and disagreement, action items, etc. Several people can take notes at once!
  • Timekeeper: Your job is to estimate the time needed for each agenda item and interrupt if people are going seriously over time.
  • Gatekeeper: Your job is to politely interrupt people who have been talking too long.
  • Facilitator: This job is usually reserved for speakers of the session. Your job is to guide and structure the discussion so that it covers the relevant topics and participants feel progress has been made.

NOTE: An online version of the Session Role Cards can be found here; we've also put together a Session Checklist for using these effectively as you lead your session.