Vietnam's Challenges and Opportunities: An AMA with Vietnamese activists

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Vietnam's Challenges and Opportunities: An AMA with Vietnamese activists
Presenter(s) Don Le, Angelina Huynh activists from Vietnam
Organization(s) Viet Tan
Country(ies) Vietnam
Social media @viettan
2017 theme Regions and Groups

Human rights defenders and activists in Vietnam have found success in mobilizing, organizing, and forming independent organisations whilst navigating Vietnam’s restrictive political space. The internet have empowered Vietnamese to take part in movements which were previously and still are deemed as politically sensitive.

However, activists and netizens still face challenges and difficulties as they push the political boundaries online and offline, particularly from the state. The Vietnamese government continually monitors and often intermittently blocks certain sites during periods of political activity. Activists are followed and threatened by state-sponsored thugs.

Panelists will share their experiences in training activists who have used their blogs and social media platforms to distribute information and opinion pieces while discussing laws created by the state to prevent sharing of Facebook posts. In this session, hear firsthand experiences from activists in Vietnam and actively discuss opportunities for collaboration between various participants which will form post-IFF actions and networks.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Journalists, security trainers, advocacy/policy professional, front line activists, academia
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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