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Transportation from Madrid & Barcelona

Flights from both Madrid and Barcelona are about 1 hour, with the Valencia airport being 20 minutes from the festival headquarters (Las Naves). Train tickets, including Spain's high-speed rail La Ave, can be purchased through Renfe, and drop you off in the middle of the city. In addition, Spain has a great bus system, and tickets can be purchased through companies like AvanzaBus and Alsa.

Bike Share

The city has a well supported bike share system called Valenbisi It has 2,750 bikes distributed in 275 stations. To use a bicycle, just approach a terminal and follow the instructions. First time users will need to obtain a card, also available in select terminals.

Local Bus & Metro

Local transportation in Valencia is very effecient. The metro system runs from 5:30am to midnight, with stations marked with the letter 'M'. The bus system runs from 4:30am to 10:30pm. Single tickets for the bus cost 1,50 euros and can be purchased from the driver; Metro tickets can be purchased at each station. A Valencia Tourist Card is available which offers unlimited use of bus and metro for 1-3 days, and can be purchased at hotels, tourist offices, and online ( In addition, the card offers discounts for a variety of activities, including museums. For the bus, a Bonobus pass can be purchased at newspaper stands, is valid for 10 journeys, and can be used by multiple people.

Metro València:

EMT València (Bus):