The Global South Mixer Party

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The Global South Mixer Party
Presenter(s) Vladimir Garay, Valeria Betancourt
Title(s) Advocacy director / Manager of the Internet Policy Programme
Organization(s) NGO Derechos Digitales / Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
Country(ies) Chile / Ecuador
Social media @derechosdigital / @APC_News
2017 theme Regions & Groups

The Global South Mixer Party aims to be an opportunity for the IFF participants based on Africa, Asia and Latin America to get together, know each other, share their experience, their work and found common ground for possible future collaborations. The Global South Mixer Party will be an open, diverse, safe and fun space for organisations, groups and people based in the Global South to talk about our similarities, our differences and think about how to worktogether. Will have an open mic for the attendees would share an idea, a problem or a project they're working on, so they could get input from the rest of the room, in an informal space. The idea is to strength the relationship among Global-South's civil society members and work towards a common narrative.

Format Other
Target Groups Global South civil society members and organisations
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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