Tell it to the World! Podcasting and Storytelling for Activists

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Tell it to the World! Podcasting and Storytelling for Activists
Presenter(s) Giang Nguyen, Trinh Nguyen, Quyen Ngo
Title(s) Editors
Organization(s) Viet Tan
Project(s) Loa
Country(ies) various
Social media
2017 theme The Community

This training series consists of a combination of interactive presentations mixed with hands-on, project-based experiential learning. It will be delivered in three parts: 1. Writing, 2. Audio production, 3. Publishing.

1. Ideas and Writing (Part 1) From idea to paper, part 1 will focus on taking an idea for a story to pitching it, storyboarding, interviewing to the finished script for podcast production. The training will convey lessons in broadcast writing and storytelling techniques. Part 1 Google slides:

2. Audio Production (Part 2) Part 2 focuses on taking a script and transforming it into a sound-rich story. This section is delivered in two parts: sound collection and sound manipulation. Learn best practices on how to collect a variety of sounds, from interviews to sound effects. Then, take your new sounds and learn how to process, track (voice) your narration, and cut and edit your story.

3. Scripting, Tracking, and Publishing (Part 3) Once you understand the basics of writing a script for your podcast and how to collect sound, it’s time to take all your ideas, as well as your soundbites, and turn it into a piece! In part 3 of the training, you will have the chance to put your skills to the test and write, voice, and edit audio. This is where you get to watch your ideas come to life and become a podcast.

Format Training
Target Groups
Length 3 Hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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