Talles de Seguridad Digital para Periodistas de habla hispana

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Session Description

A two-session workshop on digital security for Spanish-speaking journalists. With an un-conference format, the first session prompts participants to identify the main issues and concerns regarding their digital security so there can be a more direct focus when covering the different tools available in the second session. A similar workshop was held at the CTF and the main topics addressed were: encrypted communications, encrypted files storage and sharing, device protection, secure web-browsing. and how to conduct a personal risk evaluation,

Talles de Seguridad Digital para Periodistas de habla hispana
Presenter/s Javier Garza
Bio/s Javier Garza: Mexican journalist specializing in digital tools for journalis protection. Has conducted trainings as a Knight fellow at ICFJ. Claudia Rivera: Program officer at the IREX Securing Access to Free Expression initiative in Central America. Sergio Araiza: Co-founder of SocialTic, a Mexican organization dedicated to promiting IT in civic life, Has conductes extensive training on digital security in Latin America.
Language Spanish

Session Comments