Taking Matters into Our Hands: Addressing Online Harassment

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Taking Matters into Our Hands: Addressing Online Harassment
Presenter(s) Shauna Dillavou, Shmyla Khan, Nighat Dad, Lindsay Beck, Meg Hood
Organization(s) Community Red, Digital Rights Foundation, Open Tech Fund, Urgent Action Fund, Making All Voices Count
Social media
2017 theme Policy & Advocacy

The pervasiveness of harassment in online spaces necessitates a call for action to find solutions to the problem and support mechanisms that tackle the issue seriously at a policy, legal and action-oriented level. Resistance to online harassment can take many forms, such as victims speaking out about their abuse, digital security precautions, stricter laws, and better efforts by law enforcement agencies. There are merit and demerits to these approaches, however, and often time they work symbiotically rather than in isolation. Resistance to harassment is important and it is necessary to develop tools to make resistance concrete and deal with the evolving and multifaceted nature of the abuse.

This panel shall explore the different tools that have been developed around the world to combat online harassment. Digital Rights Foundation shall be talking about it’s Cyber Harassment Helpline that is unique in the fact that it is Helpline dedicated solely to online harassment (rather than cybercrime in general). The panelists shall talk about solutions driven by the local context and the needs of women in South Asia.

The panel wishes to bring together organizations working on solution-driven action around cyber harassment. The panel will bring together organizations working on tech-based solutions to online harassment. The panelists will talk about the different forms that solutions can take and the challenges that inhere.

Format Panel
Target Groups Activists, technicians and women rights advocates
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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