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This is the Taipei Page for Coffee and Circumvention, monthly community run and owned meetup that happens simultaneously in various cities throughout the world - on the third Thursday of every month. It brings together technologists, artists, journalists, citizens and others interested in digital rights, online privacy and security, and open technology.

September 19

  • What: How to know “Internet Freedom”? Let us diagnosis the internet's health first - Mozilla Internet Health Report / 了解網路自由從網路健檢開始 - Mozilla 網路健康報告

RSVP here (coming this week)

Description Many topics related “Internet Freedom” are raised in Taiwan among different communities, however, we merely talk deep enough about what is Internet Freedom and why it is important. Start from Taipei City, start from a small meetup. We hope to involve more people to push the concept further and generate ideas. The 1st meetup will began at diagnosing the Internet's health.

Mozilla Internet Health Report is an annual report talk about what’s helping and what’s hurting the internet. It discuss different aspect of Internet, from personal experience to global concerns. In last year's report, we discuss issues from privacy of IoT to domination of Social Network. In the meetup, we will go through the report and discuss some of the most interesting stories from this year's report.