Super! Quick! User Research Skillz! for! Digital! Security! Trainers!

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Super! Quick! User Research Skillz! for! Digital! Security! Trainers!
Presenter(s) Bernard Tyers, (maybe Belén Barros Pena)
Title(s) User researchers and interaction designers
Organization(s) Independent
Project(s) Independent
Country(ies) Ireland, Spain
Social media @bernardtyers , @belenpena
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

Digital security trainers probably have to most regular contact with users of digital privacy tools.

They answer questions for users, give expert advice on software tools, carry out training sessions, and more.

They are in many ways user researchers, just in a different name - they have regular contact with front line users, they understand their ways of thinking, the context of how front line users use software, the ways people communicate, and what their dangers and risks are.

OBJECTIVE To empower digital security trainers by providing them with basic user research skills.

These skills include: - ethics of user research - how to understand a users mental model - user interviewing techniques - how to ask the right kind of questions - how to carry out guerrilla usability testing sessions when you really don’t have time in your schedule

FORMAT The format of this session will be part presentation (to communicate the important skills), part discussion (to discuss situations trainers have been in), and part role-playing. The role-playing will be where people will put themselves in the situation where they will carry out a usability testing session with a user.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Digital trainers
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Novice to introductory
Language English (and maybe Spanish)

Session Outputs

This will be notes for the attendees, useful online courses they can attendee, and if possible a blogpost reporting on how it went.

Next Steps

If you're interested in taking part, let me know - get in touch via or twitter

Additional Notes

If you have particular things you'd like to cover, let me know.

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