Social media monitoring in our favor - discussion

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Social media monitoring in our favor - discussion
Presenter(s) @the1ncredible
Organization(s) ANTIFA
Country(ies) DE, US, earth
Social media
2017 theme Community, Tools & Technology

Meetup to discuss chances, risks and challenges of a social media monitoring tool that serves our needs.


Create our own tool to monitor social media mainly through accessible open data. That could help to gather data of online actors of violence against target communities. The hope is to make it easier to identify identities of those actors and understand their relevance and role in their networks better, draw nets between actors and reveal their real life identifies. Idealy this should lead to mainly three things:

  1. Put pressure on those that are feeling a little too safe acting out on others online by outings and press releases.
  2. Identify incidents of online attacks on personalities or groups of at-risk communities faster and help rapid response networks.
  3. Better understanding of patterns of online attacks.


  • Identify and profile actors of violence (harassment and hate) online
    • Neo-nazis, alt-right, racists
    • Misogynists, homophobes, transphobes, etc.
    • Cyber bullies, trolls
  • Draw connections of actors between each other
    • Identify groups, allies, etc.
    • Identify “leaders”, influencer, multipliers
    • ...
  • Identify real life identities of online actors
  • Better chances to hold people accountable for their online actions
    • Put pressure on actors of online violence through outings
    • Press releases of research results to inform public and draw attention on actors, groups, connections (of people as well as of online and offline actions)
  • Use for rapid response networks for a variety of at-risk-groups / targeted (online) communities
  • Better understanding of patterns and structures of online attacks.


  • A powerful tool, that could be misused if in the “wrong hands”.
  • Fake accounts and account misuse could lead to mistake conclusions of online and real life actors.
  • ...

Challenges & Questions:

  • Access: Open or closed use tool?
  • Big effort to create own tool.!?
  • Financing
  • ...

Format Conversation
Target Groups at-risk groups, activists, data journalists, devs
Length 1
Skill Level novice
Language english

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