Setting up Whistleblowing Activism Initiatives with GlobaLeaks

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Setting up Whistleblowing Activism Initiatives with GlobaLeaks
Presenter(s) Fabio Pietrosanti
Organization(s) Hermes Center for Transparency and Digital Human Rights
Project(s) Globaleaks
Country(ies) Italy
Social media
2017 theme Tools & Technology

Setting up a Whistleblowing Activism Initiative isn't an easy task, requiring careful planning, preparation and organization, including developing a project stakeholder community.

The approach to setup a Leaksite and wait for the next Snowden to share some big bunch of files isn't just effective.

We'll share what we learned supporting more than 30 whistleblowing projects using GlobaLeaks in +20 countries with different goals ranging from different media activism initiatives up to anticorruption, investigative journalism, human rights defense and more institutional use cases by public agencies.

From the idea to the implementation, during that session we'll provide an overview of the existing initiatives, how they are working and then will go trough the main 10 you should consider when implementing a whistleblowing project.

We'll make consideration on how often the tech-activism community approach is too simplicisting to the Whistleblowing Security Problems. Anonymity and Encryption are not always the most effective approach to secure Whistleblowers identity and Information. Sometime those could even represent a serious security risk.

GlobaLeaks is an OpenSource Whistleblowing Software Framework that's suitable for many different whistleblowing initiative, we focus on flexibility and usability because challenging Governments for transparency in Ecuador pose a quite different threat model than fighting corruption in Serbia or doing Investigative Journalism in the Netherland. And that's the reason we work so hard in learning from our users, adjusting/adapting the software be suitable for most use-scenario trough a quite articulate set of functionalities that can be tuned with configuration options.

By the way, this session will not focus on the GlobaLeaks software, but on the planning, organization and startup of Whistleblowing Initiatives, that's far the most important

To who wish to participate to that session, here some useful resources to have a read before:

Format Conversation
Target Groups Journalists, Software Developers, Security Trainers, Designers, Usability, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Communications Professionals, Academia, Front Line Activists
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English

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