Secure communication and information management in rural areas

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Secure communication and information management in rural areas
Presenter(s) Moritz
Organization(s) Digital Integrity Fellowship Open Technology Fund
Country(ies) Colombia
Social media
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

The rush for cheap raw materials around the globe has increased human rights violation of HR Defenders and communities in Rural Areas. Our digital security community has worked primarily with HR defenders in urban areas, not thinking in (digital) solutions that can increase the security in rural areas. During the last year I have been working on several tools and strategies to strengthen rural communities in Colombia and the Andes region. Within this one hour conversation we will start of with a small group dynamic and continue on the specific challenges HR defenders face in rural areas and existing tools. The idea is to establish during the conversation collaboratively an agenda for future actions and development of tools and strategies that are currently non existent.

Format Conversation.
Target Groups
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice

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