Reproducible Builds

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Session Description

Auditing source code is not enough when build tools are themselves a target. When software can be built reproducibly, anyone is enabled to verify that binaries have actually been made from the source code they claim to be made from. The workshop, aimed at software developers, will present several tricks learned while trying to make Debian — the largest collection of free software — build reproducibly.

Reproducible Builds
Presenter/s Lunar
Organization Debian
Bio/s Lunar first played with electronic communications with phone-hooked terminals at the age of 10. He has never stopped working on DIY server projects since. Despite being critical of the social impacts of the digital world, he still believes the holes in computer surveillance nets are big enough to create opportunities for collective empowerment. A Debian user since 2002, he became an official Developer in 2007. Reproducible builds are now his main focus in Debian. He is also involved in the Tor project and maintains several packages related to Tor.
Language English

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