Rapid Response To Targeted Threats: CiviCDR Case Study

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Rapid Response To Targeted Threats: CiviCDR Case Study
Presenter(s) Meg Hood, Holly Kilroy
Title(s) Rapid Response Coordinator, Programme Manager
Organization(s) ASL19, Small Media
Project(s) CiviCDR: Civil Society Centre for Digital Resilience
Country(ies) England, Ireland
Social media @megh00d, @hollykilroy
2017 theme Training and Best Practices

This session will involve two parts: a sharing of our process of developing rapid response methods for a very specific community facing very specific threats (Iranian diaspora activists), and a discussion of best practices and Q&A. It will be relevant for activists who face targeted threats, as well as security specialists who are knowledgeable or curious about best practices.

While security is a much debated topic and literacy tends to be high at IFF, this session will focus on community rapid response tactics over individual/organizational best practices. The first session will involve: (1) Sharing our overall approach responding to the community, (2) Sharing specific examples of targeted threats and rapid responses, (3) Preventive measures to decrease vulnerability to successful attacks.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Security Trainers, Frontline Activists
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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