Public Interest Data Science

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Public Interest Data Science
Presenter(s) Paola Villarreal
Title(s) Fellow
Organization(s) Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University
Project(s) Data for Justice
Country(ies) US, Mexico
Social media @paw
2017 theme Policy & Advocacy

The Data for Justice project is an initiative that aims to make (open) data actionable empowering lawyers, advocates, community organizers, journalists, activists and the general public by developing the tools and frameworks that digest complex databases without losing sight of the ultimate goal: to tell a story that can effect social change and justice.

In this session we will show and discuss how data science was used by the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts to inform and impact the decision of the State Supreme Court to bring relief to almost thousands of people affected by the actions of a drug lab technician that falsified evidence for more than 8 years, among other cases and projects, followed by a conversation around how can we make data science in the public interest grow as fast as we need it to.

Format Conversation
Target Groups data scientists, programmers, advocates, activists
Length 1
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

Session Outputs

The main goal of this session is to inspire you to use your data skills for the public interest.

Next Steps

After this session you should look for organizations that need your data and tech skills, volunteer and hack for them and the public interest.

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