Privacy-friendly Digital Identities

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Privacy-friendly Digital Identities
Presenter(s) Marios Isaakidis
Title(s) Doctoral researcher
Organization(s) University College London
Project(s) UnlimitID
Country(ies) Greece
Social media @misaakidis
2017 theme Internet Freedom: Present and Future

On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog.

How do you imagine your Digital Identity? How do your expectations fit in the common approaches for identity management: decentralized designs that map pseudonyms to human-unreadable cryptography keys; federated providers that act as intermediaries for authentication to third-party services; or national brokers that issue attribute-based e-Identities to their citizens? What are the limitations of the Web of Trust, how do you interpret key loss, and what are the capabilities of Identities in the era of blockchains?

In this workshop we will briefly introduce UnlimitID, a privacy-enhancement to OAuth, the dominant protocol for Federated Identity Management in the Internet. Then we will collect our ideas on post-it notes, cluster them into topics and form groups to discuss them. At the end of the session each group will share their insights.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Federated Identity Management providers, Usability folks, Sociologists
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

Session Outputs

A map of of the Internet Freedom community's expectations for the future of Digital Identities.

Next Steps

The outcome of this session will serve as a guide for designing Identity Management tools. If there is enough interest, we might put together a White Paper.

Additional Notes

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Harry Halpin, George Danezis