Post-Truth Censorship: New Techniques for Realtime Shutdown Detection

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Post-Truth Censorship: New Techniques for Realtime Shutdown Detection
Presenter(s) Alp Toker, Isik Mater
Title(s) Founder, Director of Research
Organization(s) Turkey Blocks
Social media @TurkeyBlocks @atoker @isik5 @TurkeyBlocks (FB)
2017 theme Internet Freedom: Present and Future

AKA. Post-Truth Censorship: The Surprising Science of Shutdown Detection: Wednesday 8 March 2017 (9:45AM - Gallery Front): Discover the new technologies being deployed to combat internet shutdowns, social media blackouts and online mass-censorship as governments invent new “killswitches” to take control political narrative and restrict opposition voices.

We are Turkey Blocks, Turkey’s independent internet shutdown watchdog. Join the conversation as we demonstrate new research and digital forensic tools used to rapidly assess digital blackouts during a deadly military coup, a political purge and ongoing war with ISIS as a deepening crisis grips the Middle East and threatens global security.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Journalists, activists, technologists, policymakers, internet users
Length 1
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

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