Outcome Mapping Organisational Security

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Outcome Mapping Organisational Security
Presenter(s) Cheekay Cinco, Carol Waters
Title(s) Outcome Mapping Organisational Security
Country(ies) International
Social media
2017 theme Training and Best Practices

Outcome Mapping (OM) is an approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation (developed by the International Development Research Centre) that we are interested in adapting to organisational security. Some initial thoughts around this have been written here at the OrgSec Community website

OM also has the potential to create buy-in from organisations, and will be a useful methodology for organisational security practitioners.

In this largely experimental and exploratory session, the three stages of OM will be ran through mini-workshops, where the participants can try applying the stages to actual organisations that they work (or have worked) with:

  • Theory of Change and Intentional Design: Working out the macro-goals of an organisation´s security plan, as well as identifying who will be affected if the org sec goals are achieved
  • Progress Markers: Turning the macro-goals into actionable markers
  • Outcome and performance monitoring: Turning the progress markers into measurable outputs

After each of the mini-workshops, there will be a discussion on how we can better adapt the stages to the organisational security context. By the end of the session, we hope to have a better idea about applying OM to organisational security, and also to increase the understanding of of orgsec practitioners in approaches to planning, monitoring and evaluation of the work that they do.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Organisational security practitioners
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

Session Outputs

Next Steps

Additional Notes

Relevant Resources

Outcome Mapping Site: http://www.outcomemapping.ca/ Applying OM to OrgSec: https://orgsec.community/display/OS/Learn+about+our+impact#Learnaboutourimpact-Approach:UsingOutcomeMappingtoEvaluateProgressandResultsinOrgSec


Cheekay Cinco Carol Waters