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Glitter Meetups

Glitter Meetup is the weekly town hall of the Internet Freedom community at the IFF Square on the IFF Mattermost, at 9am EST / 2pm UTC. Do you need an invite? Learn how to get one here.

Upcoming events

@ March 30 | Q&A with Circumvention Lead at Tor About Snowflake

@ March 31 | Latin America Monthly Meetup

@ April 7 | Africa Meetup

@ April 8 | Glitter Meetup: Relaynet, a tool for Internet Blackouts

@ April 15 | MENA Meetup

Community Updates

Accessibility Corner

Accessibility Tip of the Week:

  • Alt text! It's a way to make your content accessible to people with low or no vision.
  • it's a short description that gets read out by text to voice software
  • It can also be helpful for people using mobile phones
  • Since folks can't see the images, then the alt text is a description of the image
  • It is useful too when you have low connectivity and images won't load
  • Alt text is also important when people post screenshots of text.
  • Regine Gilbert is a professor who teaches accessible design, and her book has a chapter titled something like "If it's annoying, it's probably not accessible"
  • Accessibility testing is best when you involve people who use assistive tech like screen readers, but if you want to try a screen reader, Mac and iOS have VoiceOver built in, the accessibility settings in Android have a screen reader, NV Access is open source software for Windows, and there's Orca for Linux.
  • It's a feature on many social networks, like Twitter
  • Here's a resource about alt text: Webaim
  • The Worst Autoloading Sound Ever - The Media Show
  • Check JSON for physical accessibility


  • We talked about our needs, and how are we feeling in the community
  • People need Job Fairs, career advice spaces, coaching spaces
  • We see that we work with many hats and it is difficult to focus on one area or set up a strategy to find a job
  • Organizations usually have job offers that would need three different professionals
  • Industry job definitions are so often not the same as NGO job definitions, and so going across that divide is hard.
  • Financial advice for short-term contractors
  • Ask a Manager’s blog for resume/cover letter advice