Mapping challenges in developing human rights documentation workflows

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Mapping challenges in developing human rights documentation workflows
Presenter(s) SWN, OVP
Organization(s) SWN, OVP
Social media
2017 theme Tools & Technology, Training & Best Practices

OVP, SWN, and the Guardian Project are closely working together to integrate new technologies into the ongoing effort of increasing the quality of systematic human rights violation documentation. The implementation of CameraV is a good start that will address many challenges related to authenticity and veracity of data. Curriculum for and the implementation of CameraV trainings are currently under way, which are based on proper threat modeling and local security contexts.

At the same time, many challenges based on human rights defenders and international data recipients' needs, persist and will require new technological solutions.

This sessions serves, first and foremost, to provide an overview on the OVP/SWN development activities and the challenges that have been encountered on the ground so far. It looks at the current curriculum in development and the challenges that have so far been encountered in trainings.

Additionally, the session is designed to bring human rights defenders and technologists closer together to discuss possibilities to expand on the integration of solutions beyond CameraV, while addressing ongoing security and systematic human rights violation documentation challenges. This session aims to work towards better understanding grassroots realities and technological possibilities or limitations among activists and technologists, and aspire better integrated trainings.

Format Workshop
Target Groups
Length 1.5 hours
Skill Level Introductory
Language English

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