Listen to LGBT Experience in Indonesia and Help Us!

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Listen to LGBT Experience in Indonesia and Help Us!
Presenter(s) Lini Zurlia, Rebecca Nyuei, Edison Butar butar, Muhammad Faisal Bustamam, Dhyta Caturani
Title(s) Digital Security Trainer
Organization(s) Arus Pelangi, SWARA, Cangkang Queer, PurpleCode Collective
Project(s) Holistic Digital Security Training for LGBT Communities in Indonesia
Country(ies) Indonesia
Social media @icaldua
2017 theme Regions & Groups

Indonesia is a country with the largest Moslem population in the world. Having that said, most aspects of life of Indonesians are based on the values and morality of Islam, which often times being interpreted in ways that discriminated many minority groups, especially LGBT. Ever since the Internet becomes more accessible to common people and especially with the sprang up of social media and social networking platform, LGBT people have been using the internet to connect to each other in a way that has never been experienced before. In the last decade, the Internet has also been used by LGBT activists to campaign for equal rights and it has been proven effective.

Although attacks on LGBT communities and individuals have always been existed, early this year there has been a major attack from state actors and non-state actors both offline and online. There have been cases of outing, doxxing, honey trap, and blocking of LGBT sites and social networking apps such as Grindr and others.

More concerning development is that 2 months ago, a conservative religious group backed by several other similar groups submitted a request for a revision of Indonesian Penal Code to include criminalization of LGBT individuals for 5 years in prison. The 9 judges of the Constitutional Court have shown that they are in favor of the request.

With current situation, LGBT individuals and communities are starting to seek out strategies to be able to still use the Internet to connect and speak up, and finding a way to secure themselves while doing so.

In this session, presenters will present the situation and how they grapple to come up with strategies and work with digital security trainers to achieve their objectives. The session will have 3 people from LGBT organizations/communities who represent groups of transwoman, lesbian, and gay; and 2 digital security trainers (who are allies to the communities) to explain how digital security training have been conducted and what are the loopholes that need to be tackled.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Security Trainers, Advocacy/Policy Professional, Front Line Activists, Security Trainers, LGBT individuals and other target groups in oppressive countries
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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