LGBTQI Centered Workshops: Lessons from Participants and Trainers

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LGBTQI Centered Workshops: Lessons from Participants and Trainers
Presenter(s) Bob Alotta, Sarah Owusu, Ana Lucía Ramírez
Organization(s) Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Cowrie Company, Mujeres al Borde
Country(ies) United States, Colombia, Mozambique
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2017 theme Regions & Groups

This session will bring together LGBTQI activists from different regions and individuals who provide relevant and useful trainings and resources for LGBTQI groups around the world. Our objective is to share approaches and lessons from working directly with LGBTQI communities. What works, what doesn't, helpful models and what shouldn't be replicated. The activists and trainers will ground their conversation in the current political climate, including the rise of right-wing governments, the global trend of closing space for civil society, and surveillance and other restrictions on human rights defenders. All the session presenters have participated in Astraea Foundation’s CommsLabs program, a global series of regional convenings co-created with LGBTQI activists that focuses on building the communications, media, technology and digital security capacity of LGBTQI human rights defenders through accessible, secure, holistic and sustainable strategies.

Format Panel Discussion
Target Groups Trainers, LGBTQI activists, Allies
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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