It’s not just Activism: Art and Humour in Creative Strategies for Hard Times: (a Hands-On Workshop)

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It’s not just Activism: Art and Humour in Creative Strategies for Hard Times: (a Hands-On Workshop)
Presenter(s) Tina Salameh, Katarzyna Szymielewicz, Helen, Fieke, Gloria Spindle
Organization(s) Panoptykon Foundation, Tactical Technology Collective, Peng! Collective
Country(ies) Poland, Canada, Germany
Social media; ....
2017 theme Communications & Design

2016 has come and gone, leaving the world a flaming mess. In a playground of shards, rubbles and smoking debris, dying embers dance with the wind and fall to the ground.

In the horizon, two figures radiate with the city’s lights. Art and Activism have found each other and it’s a love that’s here to stay.

Yippee ki yay ... :-)

In this session we look at Art and Humour as ways to shed light on human right violations, reduce fear and mobilize social change. We will focus on examples of creative resistance through collaborative art, satire, and state-of the art acts of political disruption by some very talented artists and pranksters. We will also explore ways of utilizing Art to humanize complex social and political struggles, such as modern surveillance and the democratic crisis, to bring them to a visceral level — one that is easier to grasp and digest, and is more likely to catalyze change.

First, a group of artists and activists, including members of Tactical Technology Collective, Peng! Collective and Panoptykon Foundation, will share their own experiences using Art as intervention — the Good, the Bad, the Unexpected. We will then open the floor for a discussion before diving into hands-on workshops.

The facilitators will invite all participants to work in smaller groups on a few case studies to plan creative interventions that respond to social and political problems. Problems to be tackled in case studies will be selected by the participants.

Format Workshop
Target Groups activists, designers, artists, everybody interested in reinventing political communication
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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