How we are tracking politicians trying to hide information from online

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How we are tracking politicians trying to hide information from online
Presenter(s) Tiago Mali
Organization(s) Abraji (Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism)
Country(ies) Brazil
Social media
2017 theme Communication & Design

During 2016 Brazilian elections, our project mapped more than 600 lawsuits from candidates triyng to hide information from the web. This worked in real time, so the journalists and the users could know what parties and what politicians from each reagion tryed to file more lawsuits and what's behind each of them. We caught a lot of them trying to remove news articles from different media outlets or comments and criticism from social media.

We gathered data through scrapping, reviewed all the lawsuits and displayed them in treemap infographics in our website ( In the end of the electoral campaign, more than 200 articles about politicians trying to hide information have been published in brazilian media using the data we gathered. We also have gathered data from previous years and have a total of 2.500 lawsuits catalogued till now.

Format Conversation
Target Groups Software Developers, Designers, Usability, Anyone else who is interested in designing secure and user-friendly apps.
Length 1 Hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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