Holistic Security: Practical Experiences and Reflections

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Holistic Security: Practical Experiences and Reflections
Presenter(s) OTF DIFP Fellows & Friends, with coordination by Moritz Tenthoff, Carol Waters
Project(s) OTF Digital Integrity Fellowship 2016-2017
Country(ies) Colombia, United States, others
Social media
2017 theme Training & Best Practices

This session is for those who have been applying holistic security practices and approaches in their work. We'd like to use this session to reflect on how this work is going for participants, and have small group sessions for participants to share practical activities, approaches, and strategies we use as part of our holistic work. It will include introductions, group discussion, small group break-out sessions, a final re-convening, as well as breaks and time to discuss any current and future opportunities for learning and collaboration among participants.

Format Workshop
Target Groups Digital security capacity-builders who are applying holistic approaches and practices in their work
Length 3 hours
Skill Level Intermediate
Language English, some Spanish

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