Everything you ever wanted to know about tooling!

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Everything you ever wanted to know about tooling!
Presenter(s) Meg Hood
Title(s) Everything you ever wanted to know about tooling!
Organization(s) ASL19
Country(ies) England
Social media @megh00d
2017 theme Tools & Technology

What's a multi-hop VPN? Why shouldn't I use Whatsapp for secure communications? How can I choose the right password management solution?

Get answers in this "speed AMA" judgement-free session!

Protecting yourself online is more important than ever, and there's a huge range of tools around to choose from. But how do you make the right choices for your situation? And what do all these technical terms mean? Who can I ask these basic questions of, without being laughed at? In this judgement-free space you'll be able to ask these questions directly of the experts, in small rotating groups divided by focus area. No question to ask? Then sit back and listen - you're sure to learn something!

The five topic areas are: - VPNs - Secure email - Protection while browsing - Secure chat - Device and storage security

Five experts will be positioned around the room, with their topic area displayed next to them. At the start of the session, the format will be explained: each group has 10 minutes to ask their expert any burning questions they have on the specialist subject and the expert can answer or, if there are no questions, they can simply talk about the topic in general. At the end of the 10 minutes, it'll be time to move onto the next expert. After four rotations, there will be a closing 5 minute "report-back" for people to share the best thing they learned during the session.

Format Other
Target Groups
Length 1 hour
Skill Level Novice
Language English

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