Ever wanted to chat with the NSA?

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Ever wanted to chat with the NSA?
Presenter(s) Gloria Spindle, Justus Klaus
Title(s) Ever wanted to chat with the NSA?
Organization(s) Peng! Collective
Project(s) Call-A-Spy
Social media @pengberlin #callaspy
2017 theme Self Organized

They know everything about us but we know nothing about them. Now you can change that. Call-A-Spy lets you call up agents of the secret services, find out who they are, why they spy for a living and what they think of Pokémon GO. Get to know the people who surveil you and call a spy! Normally installed at art spaces and museums, our Call A Spy system with its vast database of internal lines of the NSA, BND etc will be for a short and limited time at IFF. Come by for a brief intro to the project, some tips on calling and try calling up yourself!

Format callathon, workshop
Target Groups Anyone
Length 2 hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English, German, French

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