Disruptive Media Activism for the IF Community

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Disruptive Media Activism for the IF Community
Presenter(s) Gloria Spindle, Justus Klaus
Title(s) Disruptive Media Activism for the IF Community
Organization(s) Peng! Collective
Social media @pengberlin
2017 theme Self Organized

From the Situationists to the Yes Men, activists and artists have been constructing elaborate pranks, impersonations and culture jamming hacks for years. These interventions often generate way more media attention than regular NGO campaign activities and create moments of critical debate, forcing responses from key actors. These tactics have however had very little uptake in our sector even though there are many opportunities. In this workshop Gloria Spindle from the Peng! Collective, the group behind the interventions Call A Spy, Intelexit, Zero Trollerance and Google Nest, will lead us through a fun and practical exercise to imagine and design some interventions. No handbrake-colleagues, no keeping the funders happy and no fears of being provocative allowed!

Format Workshop
Target Groups activists, anyone
Length 2 hours
Skill Level Novice
Language English

Session Outputs

Ideas for actions and interventions

Next Steps

Additional Notes

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