DigiSec Trainers Meetup. October 20, 2020

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DigiSec Trainers Meetup

Things to Share

EFF Award Video to the OTF Global Community, featuring many of our community members.

Challenges during COVID times

  • general hesistancy to ask questions
  • No emotional feedback from remote trainings
  • Low bandwidth is hurting us more than ever
  • Challenge to be inclusive, especially low-resources or no devices
  • not able to have time with journalists to be able to train beneficiaries because of competing events
  • Hard to have the attention of participants because they are generally doing something else
  • Overwhelming requests of assistances

Overcoming challenges

  • Asynchronous learning experience through either chats or coaching sessions
  • Using a mentorship model: providing video links as a lesson and using mentorship time to coach or troubleshoot
  • Making trainings bearable using: Jamboard, mentimeter, mentorship approach, Excalidraw

Resources to share

Next meeting

  • Discussion on specific topics (example: backups, ID management)
  • Guest speakers (tool developers)